Dear Friends,

In these difficult days that we have been going through altogether, we are once again realizing the significance of unity and togetherness. We all experienced and witnessed vital importance of being strong while protecting the democracy. Turkey is focusing on the economic development move in a democratic structure without social conflicts and chaos. As a nation, we have to act rapidly in order to head towards production, exports, high technology, employment and to minimize our losses.

As the machinery industry, we are doing our part in the best possible way by investing in this country at the time of turmoil as well as the good times, creating employment, exporting Turkish machinery to the whole world and providing the mostly needed inputs for our country. Our industry, which is considered as one of the most important supporting elements for the achievement of Turkey’s goals, has been continuing its growth day-by-day with the efforts of both public and private sectors thanks to the correct steps taken at a global scale.

In this context, we, as the Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers, will continue developing much more effective projects, taking steps to further develop our industry and acting with the idea of “Collaborating and Shaping the Future Together” in order to more precisely fulfill our country’s potential in the forthcoming period.

I extend my gratitude and pay my respect in advance to all of our members and stakeholders that make efforts in this sector with us.


                     Ahmet ÖZKAYAN                          


Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers