One of the main working areas of Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB) is to co-operate local and international fairs and exhibitions in order to increase the effectiveness of its members in domestic and global markets. Members of MİB are privileged to exhibit their high-valued products in the most prestigious fairs and exhibitions with the least possible expenditures. Furthermore, MİB provides consultancy to its members on which fairs would be the most suitable and convenient for their business considering their industry, volume of business and further plans of action.

Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB) represents EMO, one of the most important machine tools exhibition, in Turkey. MİB also represents SIMTOS, organized once in two years in South Korea, in Turkey and provides 8% discount for its member firms. Besides, MİB supports fairs and exhibitions organized in Turkey, such as MAKTEK Avrasya, MAKTEK İzmir, MAKTEK Konya and Bumatech, to promote its members industrial visibility.

For further information and to request cooperation you can get in touch with us. For detailed fair reports and presentations of the upcoming fairs, check out our Turkish website through the language switcher.