Machinery sector is the key element of industrialization. In this case a country can only have a steady economy and industry with a successful machinery sector. Economic development is very important, in terms of the size of the industrial production and employment, which are among the main indicators of industrialization.


Turkey's machine industry has grown annually since the beginning of the 90s, where it was recorded around 20% in 2009. This figure has grown steadily to 30% as of today.


The combination of qualified labor force and lower production costs scales up the strength of Turkish machine industry in the international market. Thus, it can be stated that we are known for producing high quality products and parts.

In the machine production process, R&D expenditures during 2010-2012, outpaced the country's general R&D amount in production (24%) and occurred as a 33% increase.

Production of the machine industry in 2015 has reached U.S. $ 25,3 billion, which accounted for approx. 14% of the total exports in the country.



The total export share in 2015 of the machine industry finalized as U.S. $ 12 billion, where as the total import share was U.S. $ 23 billion.

Total sales of machinery in the same year occurred as U.S. $ 36,3 billion.

The success of Turkish machine industry gained in the international markets is raising the sector's share in total exports of the country as well.

The kg price is an important statement of value, to reach a level of 35 $/ kg in the world market means the top quality. As for Turkey, within the last months it has been declared by authorities that, the price has increased to 7-8 $/ kg in export. Machines can differ from value to value, but to give an example a local production laser machine can go up to 35 $/ kg in Turkey at the moment. It is declared that there are great manufacturers, with using the latest technology, spending a great deal of money on the R&D, who can produce world quality machines.

The main export countries (machine industry)

  • Germany, England, Iraq and France
  • Where as the leading sources of imports are from China, Germany, Italy, South Korea and France.



As might have known, 2023 is the 100th Anniversary of The Turkish Republic. Thus, the government has set targets accordingly. In order to reach a goal of U.S. $ 100 billion in exports, the Turkish machine sector is expected to grow steadily of 17,8% annually till 2023. Besides, it is also expected that the sector's share in Turkey's exports reach at least 18%.