When and why we were established?

The Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MIB) was established in 1990. It is a sectoral association representing manufacturers of machines, equipment and accessories.

It is the only non-governmental organization covering the entire machinery sector and has approximately 200 member companies.


Structure of Our Members

Companies in the MIB structure performed more than 60% of the Turkish machinery exports in 2014 and 2015.

Our members proceed in difficult and technological manufacturing such as manufacturing of capital goods or investment type machines.

This situation also proves that most of our companies make quality production by using cutting-edge technology and they are reliable and sustainable companies who succeed in creating brand image.

In its portfolio, manufacturers of food processing, packing machines, air-conditioning systems, machine tools (investment type machines), wood working, plastic processing, construction machines as well as lifting and processing industries etc. are present.


What are activities of MIB?

Our role is not only on studies for promoting the sector domestically and increasing or developing market share of local machine manufacturers but also promoting the sector abroad. Within this scope, information about the sector and our member companies are given in private and public platforms.

MIB encourages manufacturers to participate in various international fairs and exhibitions, staged abroad for the purpose of promoting the sector and member companies. Participant companies can benefit from more suitable conditions.



  • MIB is the Turkish representative of EMO, which is one of the most important fairs in the world.
  • It is also the Turkish representative of SIMTOS, which is held in South Korea twice a year and MIB provides 8% of discount for its members.
  • It is also one of the supporters of MAKTEK Eurasia,  MAKTEK İzmir, KONMAK, and Bursa Industry Summit which are held in our country.

MIB also has new attempts to achieve more qualified exhibitions in order to benefit its members


Membership of top organizations and relations with institutions

MIB has a reputable position in the country and abroad since its establishment.

  • It is a full member of CECIMO (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies) since 1999 with the advice of the managers of the association. MIB and SWISMEM are the country representatives which do not participate in the European Union in CECIMO having 15 member European countries. This exemption is provided with favorable impression of MIB.


  • In addition it is a full member of PNEUROP (European association of manufacturers of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools and allied equipment,), since May 2005.


  • MIB is also member of EUROTRANS (European Committee of Associaiton of Manufacturers  of Gears and Transmission Parts) since 2018.


  • Besides it is a founder member of MAKFED – Turkish Machinery Federation which is established newly in our country.

MIB has gained a reputable position in the bureaucracy with its studies. Relevant public institutions in machinery sector as well as the entire industry, request opinion from MIB. Besides, MIB also makes contribution in preparation of the legislation.

In addition, articles which are prepared by MIB are published in the newly MIB Magazine which is published twice a month, other sectoral magazines within the country and abroad.