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One of the main working areas of Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB) is to co-operate local and international fairs and exhibitions in order to increase the effectiveness of its members in domestic and global markets. Members of MİB are privileged to exhibit their high-valued products in the most prestigious fairs and exhibitions with the least possible expenditures.

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About the Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB)

Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB) is a non-governmental organization representing nearly 200 Turkish firms which manufactures machines and machine parts.

MİB makes the effort to promote the industry and to increase the domestic marketshare of it. Furthermore, MİB represents the industry and its sharers internationally by creating the means of a strong communication throughout the industry sharers, member firms, civil and governmental bodies, media and other relevant platforms.

MİB member firms have high-valued brands and manufacture machines with the most up-to-date technologies – reliable, sustainable and innovative. Check out our MİB Members Directory page.


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