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Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (Makina İmalatçıları Birliği, MİB) is a non-governmental organization representing machine manufacturing industry and nearly 200 Turkish firms which manufactures machines and machine parts. MİB also sustains to be an umbrella organization over all the sub-sectors of machine manufacturing.

Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association follows and investigates developments regarding the industry it represents. It actively uses printed and web-based media with the relevant and most up-to-date technologies, to keep its members and the community posted. Besides, MİB holds official talks with the other non-governmental organizations and governmental bodies to promote and defend the interest of its members and other sharers of the industry. That is why Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association functions as a powerful two-sided communication medium for our members.

Fairs and Exhibitions

The most important events for our industry and its sharers are fairs and exhibitions. In order to increase and strengthen the appearances of our member firms in the domestic and international market, MİB cooperates with the Turkish and foreign fair and exhibition organizations. Our members have the privilege to exhibit their high-valued products in the most prestigious fairs and exhibitions with the least possible expenditures. Furthermore, MİB provides consultancy to its members on which fairs would be the most suitable and convenient for their business considering their industry, volume of business and further plans of action.

Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB) represents EMO, one of the most important machine tools exhibition, in Turkey. MİB also represents SIMTOS, organized once in two years in South Korea, in Turkey and provides 8% discount for its member firms. Besides, MİB supports fairs and exhibitions organized in Turkey, such as MAKTEK Avrasya, MAKTEK İzmir, MAKTEK Konya and Bumatech, to promote its members industrial visibility.

Our Members

The members of Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association are firms with the high brand value, manufacturing machines and machine parts domestically with the modern industrial standards. To see our members profiles, see Member Firms Directory page.

Our Memberships

Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB) earned a reputation and prestige throughout the 30 years of its actions, thus, it received membership invitations from federations and other higher unions especially from the Europe.

In 1999, MİB has been recommended and accepted to be a member of CECIMO, European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies. Being one of the two members of CECIMO from non-EU countries (the other is SWISMEM from Switzerland) indicates the strong and positive impression that MİB made.

In addition, MİB is a member of PNEUROP, European Association of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Pneumatic Tools and Air & Condensate Treatment Equipment, since 2005 and EUROTRANS, the European Committee of Associations of Manufacturers of Gears and Transmission Parts, since 2018. Our representative in the EUROTRANS, Salim Haffar from I-MAK Gearboxes and Drives, has been elected president to the Committee, effective September 2020.

The Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association is also a founding member of MAKFED, Turkish Machinery Federation.

Our Contact Information

To get in touch with MİB visit our Contact page. To request machine/cooperation you can fill out the relevant contact form. To see and get in touch with our member firms, check out our MİB Members Directory page.

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